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Tridiculous in Progress

TRIDICULOUS goes on a ridiculous adventure! For this, we unpack our entire skillset of acrobatics, juggling, breakdance and contemporary dance, slapstick, comedy as well as beatboxing, loop and live music and embark on a research for a new production under the strict supervision of experienced director Sabine Riek.

Join us in the tridiculous world, the world of three guys who couldn't be more different. They can't do it without each other, but they can do it even worse without each other.

23-25. Feb. 2023

  2-  5. Feb. 2023

With the support of the "Fonds Darstellende Künste" and the #TakeHeart program, we have the opportunity to delve deeply into our art and bring a full-length Tridiculous theater show to the stage.

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