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The story of Tridiculous began on the streets of Berlin. Rostyslav and Semion spent their days entertaining passersby with other breakdancers. They recognized the potential in their shows and wanted to bring it to the stage, and they did so, at that time still in the formation Battle Beats. They played on many stages and festivals throughout Europe. The performances were still very much like street shows back then, and that wasn't enough for Rostyslav and Semion. They wanted to give their performances more poetry. So they split from the Battle Beats crew and founded their own crew "Tridiculous" with Wasili Urbach.
Even though they were the "3 silly ones", it was initially quite serious. The priority was power and energy. Tridiculous's performance consisted solely of breakdance, tricking, and acrobatics to powerful sounds. After numerous performances in variety shows, galas, and revue, however, one member of the group separated and Ihor joined. That was the birth of the current company formation.With Ihor's influence, the company's work could be shaped much more broadly. They now had the opportunity to incorporate more live music and comedy into their work. Thus, the new Tridiculous created more and more performances and could offer their idiocies more and more opportunities for development. Soon, the guys were capable of filling an entire evening with their repertoire. However, this development led the guys away from variety shows and towards the stages of street art festivals.


Semion Bazavlouk is originally Russian, but grew up in Tel Aviv. As his stepfather is a clown, he has had a great connection to the stage since childhood. His artistic roots lie in music. He has been playing the guitar and piano since childhood, and later added singing. Already as a child, he didn't like playing the piano if it wasn't tuned. At the same time, he was involved in Capoeira and was one of the breakdance pioneers in Tel Aviv. The art brought him to Berlin, and the street captivated him here. He was also part of the first breakdance street shows in Berlin and various performances and productions, from theater to concerts, to variety shows and festivals. He also speaks five languages fluently.

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Rostyslav Hubajdulin traveled with the circus from a young age with his father, who was an artist in the Soviet Circus. His artistic roots are in sports acrobatics, which brought him to the stage and to Berlin. He learned about the breakdance world in Berlin, which was his second passion since childhood, and decided to stay. He performed in street shows at a time when people didn't even know what breakdance was. Rosty was part of various productions, including variety shows, revue productions, at the Friedrichstadtpalast, and in contemporary dance productions, among others, under Gregor Seyffert.


Ihor Yakymenko is the third member of the group. He is the son of a musician, so he has been connected to the stage from an early age. He came to Berlin as a child and went to the Berlin Ballet School at the age of 12. After 5 years, he switched to the field of acrobatics and completed the State Acrobat School in Berlin after another 5 years. Since then, he has been active as an acrobat in numerous productions of variety shows and theater in Germany and Europe. During his training, he was multidisciplinary and was involved in dance, acrobatics, and music in both urban and theatrical contexts.

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